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Hi!  I'm Robin.

    Empath, Middle-Child and a redhead! Add in a dash of being raised in the South and being born on All Saints Day - you've got the recipe for one heck of a gift!

    I embraced my gift at age 56 after a lifetime of feeling lost and very confused. I want to keep learning about who I am and I would love for you to join me on this journey.  Prop your feet up and grab a healthy snack. I want you to feel at home here. We will focus on the positive here in a very comfortable welcoming style. 

   I believe in building each other up and helping those who have recently discovered their very rare and powerful gift. We are bright, shining, glowing Embers as I like to call our little community.

   This site includes information on what it is to be an Empath, a soothing gallery of nature photos, quotes, a little humor tossed in and some personal stories from my journey in the hopes this might help others. There is also a page dedicated to those amazing people who support and love an Empath.    Welcome home to November Morning!

My Day of Discovery

   At age 56, on a misty day in April, the dark clouds of confusion that had always surrounded me started fading fast. My long uphill journey of questions and doubts suddenly ended when I stumbled upon the word Empath.

   It was a simple little 30 question test. I was bored at the time and decided to jot down my score. I read each sentence slowly, out loud. I had to stop after each one and catch my breath. Tears began to fall. I cried so hard I could barely read the page in front of me. After adding up my 72 out of 75 points, I moved to the floor so that I could bury my head in my hands and allow what I was feeling to overtake me.

   Never had I experienced a moment of clarity like this before in my life. Deep down, what I had always felt was true. I wasn't crazy! I couldn't change or stop being the way I was - like I had always been told! But the best part? There were others like me! I knew right then that my life was going to be so different now and my journey was just beginning. 

Being An Empath you took every test you could find on the internet... you devoured every article you could locate... and you know without a doubt you are an Empath... now what? Well, that's what this site is for! Let's walk down this path together and learn. No matter the age you are when you discover this about yourself - you are bound to have questions and memories that all of a sudden make sense!

The best news is you are not alone! I have a feeling that just that statement right there brought a big smile to your face and a sense of relief. I think we all knew we were different at some point or another but maybe you didn't really want to think about it. Maybe you were scared to admit it to your family or loved ones. Maybe you tried to change or hide your gift because of what others said to you. Take comfort, my friend, in knowing there is a name for your gift and you are not imagining things.  

So take a deep breath, hold your head high and give yourself a big hug - you are very rare and you are amazing! 

Those That Love Us

   This page is dedicated to the awesome people in our lives who accept us, love us, encourage us and embrace our gift. Hopefully, all of you wonderful loved ones can find some useful information, ideas or advice here that might help sustain a positive relationship with the Empath in your life. 

   Articles on this page will offer ideas or advice on maintaining a healthy relationship - whether it's a partner or spouse, a best friend, a parent, a sibling or any other loved one in your life.

   Many Empaths give up on the idea of a loving relationship due to our strong need to have so much time alone and other traits. I strongly believe it's just a matter of finding the right person. 

Feel free to message me privately with any questions you might have and I will do my best to help you out.

Hoof & Woof

Empaths share a bond with animals that goes way beyond the norm. We connect with our pets on a very deep level. This page is about learning more about that incredible bond and what it does. 


As Empaths, there are certain rituals that we need to include in our daily routine. Five minutes in the morning and another five before bedtime can make all the difference in the world. Let's explore more about these rituals...


Every Empath needs a toolbox. Your gift goes to work every day just like a lot of us do. Believe me, at the end of a day, your empathetic mind, soul and spirit is going to need cleansing, protecting, and recharging. 


Let's learn more about those amazing essential oils that most definitely need to be in your Empath toolbox. What are the basic ones you need to have at your fingertips? What other ones do I need? Let's find out...